JV Promoto was founded by 2 passionate veteran bikers—Johny Pereira and Vikas Malhotra, who have decades of experience in sport biking, and are well regarded in the Indian biking fraternity.


Tall claims are easy to make, but when the rubber hits the road, it's easy to separate the pros from the amateur. JV Promoto aims to usher in levels of quality, service and performance that have hitherto not been seen in India.
It is our calling to answer the demand for the best sport biking performance and safety mods that are priced fairly, allied with a broad range of well-matched performance component options, as well as genuine quality straight from the manufacturer, carefully matched to your specific machine and your individual needs.


We make it a point to be authorized dealers in the performance products we sell, from manufacturers who are reputed worldwide for their innovation, quality and performance credentials. We don't believe in empty promises of performance and quality, but rather, products that are guaranteed to exceed the expectations of even the most hardcore sport bikers. What's more, we don't believe in upselling a product that may not suit your needs.
JV Promoto is here for the long run, and it is our fondest desire to make an enduring difference in the sport biking scene in India. We stand behind every product we sell, because our experienced staffers install all of the components we sell, right at our workshop.


Johny is widely considered an authority on superbikes, and is fondly known as "Johny Sir" and "Uncle" to quite a few bikers. His 40 years of experience in servicing, modifying and tuning performance bikes has earned him widespread fame and respect amongst Indian bikers who care about performance without compromise.
Vikas is an enthusiastic biker who has been exploring the limits of performance biking for over 25 years now and has owned numerous sportbikes over the years.
Johny and Vik, who have known each other for well over 20 years, joined hands in 2011 to set up JV ProMoto to cater to the growing performance biking scene in India, which until now has been served by "tuners" who lack the knowledge, experience, passion and ability to get the job done right—on time, every time!